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Lift FFL workers sky city

Loading materials under cantilevers, enclaved areas under bridges, or on the floors of hi-rise buildings has been a problem that has involved hanging platforms outside of buildings or dangerously drifting the hook.

The Flying Forklift eliminates the need for platforms or dangerous hook drifting providing a great benefit to safety while extremely increasing production. This minimizes damage to loads, cranes, buildings and structures allowing loads or materials to be placed anywhere that your crane can reach.


With the MODEL 1200 and Extentable Boom attachment you can suspend 4,000 lbs. thirteen feet from the hook, and 12,000 lbs. three feet six inches from the hook. The Flying Forklift MODEL 1200 has available attachments: Forklift Forks for hoisting beneath your load, the Extentable Boom, and custom built attachments for job specific tasks.


When using the Flying Forklift the push-button controlled electronically-powered counterweight travels the length of the machine until the load balances, allowing for the crane to raise the load up to the desired floor with ease. With the counterweight in the forward position the machine balances when empty.

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